Monday, March 7, 2011

At long last, a mission is completed...

So, I have had the idea to do this shoot for quite some time now... and I am happy to see that it finally went through!! If you will note, I may have had a little fun with the editing. However, seeing as I am be adventurous in my art, it seemed right up my alley. Simply as a forewarning, some viewers may find the photos to be 'risque'. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy!!!


P.S.--I really hate that it has been so long since the last post... as well as my lack of camera use. Soon, there will be much improvement in these areas! Until next time...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project: Rose Throne

As IF I don't already have enough on my platter as it is, along comes the chance to make something quite awesome. I am SUPER excited about this project that is beginning to develop! It is much bigger than many taken on before it. AND I know that patience is something that I will have to use if I want the outcome to be what I desire. In my work travels I stumbled and fell for this set of four chairs. As if the curvature of the body or their respectful age weren't enough to tug my heart... the etching at the top sealed the deal. :)
I have done as much as I can to this particular one for the time being. There are of course three more that need the same tender loving care!!! That should keep me busy for a minute. Then it will be a matter of construction... That part will take the longest of all. However, I hope to have the project complete by, say, late March, early April: and totally look forward to the challenge!!

Enjoy the first of many pics to be taken of these chairs! The first half are the before photos: straight from the job site. The second are after I dusted and polished as best I could... I think it turned out pretty good!! :)

I just really loved the way that this first pic turned out...

Showing off her curves... :)

And this is what I fell for... <3

QUITE dusty...

and, yes, hideous upholstery...

Definitely some sanding in store...

After some time, the beauty finally broke free!

Can not WAIT to work with these!!

I am happy that at this early in the game, they turned out so well cosmetically. Let's hope we can say the same when the re-construction starts...

:) Until next time...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Survival on Impact

Whew!! Welcome back, my loves...
That was bumpy! None the less, I have survived the landing in one piece. Dust off my clothes, grab my gear... it's time to start moving again!!!
     So there are a couple of items on the table currently... One involves a photo shoot in an old attic that has partial burn damage. Can't wait to see how those turn out! Plus, as a teaser, it's a two part-er with even more twists!! Also in mind is a painting... Been a while since I turned one out and the other night at the cemetery sparked my go factor!! Dark, of course, but may take a couple strokes extra to make it just right!
     Obviously, I have recovered from the tragic loss of my pics quite well... Sometimes, shit happens :)

     And now I look forward to meeting me. I hope that she is all that I have ever wanted her to be. I hope that she is strong and proud, but a lady none the less. I hope that she takes chances... enjoys the breeze... captures just the right smile. But most importantly, I hope to see that she can love herself, broken and all...

With camera in hand, I solider on...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just when I thought it was ok...

This will be short but far from sweet. As I lay my head down tonight, images will flash rapidly before my eyes. Every picture that I have taken over the last four years is gone. Now all that remains are the few I could salvage and the literally thousands I can only see in my head. I still have hope for an enlightening New Year. However, the week will be a long one as I cope with this tragic loss. I honestly can not tell you how torn up I am right now... I hate to post something so depressing; but my world feels as if it has stopped rotating leaving gravity non-existent. It. is. all. g.o.n.e. ...

New Year, Fresh Start...

While I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my camera in the mail any day, I contemplate how I will use the upcoming year. Though I am not ready to indulge any new ideas or give any hints to the upcoming work... I couldn't help but snap this pic of my 'thinking chamber'! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and I can't wait to see what the times bring!! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

The ugliest painting...

can make the coolest idea!! I originally had this canvas painted with Rasta colored peace signs and splatter. After a few weeks of staring at it, I decided I hated it. In anger, I took to the canvas with varying degrees of gray then used a stir stick on the wet paint. The result turned out like this: 

After hiding in the corner for a couple more weeks, I decided to spice it up by adding a light behind it...
 While the picture doesn't quite do it justice, it's no masterpiece. Still, it makes me wonder what I could do with the concept... :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Disease

No future in sight,
No path in mind,
He rushes to keep from falling behind.

It’s the economy…
It’s his family…
No need to look for a remedy.

No need to sweat the big deals,
Or cry over lost meals.
Don’t worry about the rust,
Or brush away the dust.

A cure will come soon
Nature’s medicine will sweep the globe,
    To wipe away the disease.

They tell us not to worry,
While the common man is buried,
Beneath piles of paperwork and debt.
While corporate monsters,
Sit back and sponsor,
The destruction of the good that’s left.

An honest living was all he wanted:
It could not be achieved.
Fucking land of opportunists,
It could not be achieved.

No need to sweat the big deals,
Or cry over spilled milk.
Who cares about the rust,
Who cares about the dust?

A cure will come soon
Nature’s medicine will sweep the globe
    To wipe away the disease.
When everyone wants a piece…
But there’s not enough to go around,
What was supposed to be a feast,
Turns to fresh hunting grounds.

We are the disease…
We are the disease…

Jesus roll over in your man made grave!
Even if you rose, we couldn’t be saved…

A cure will come soon
Nature’s medicine will sweep the globe,
    To wipe away the disease.